The Canadian Association for Deaf and Hard of Hearing, Education, and Plurilingualism (Hereinafter “the Association”)

Our Mission:
The Association stands in the position of mediating research and practice around the areas of social justice and multilingual/multicultural and environmental education. Fundamentally, but not limited to, the Association focuses on Deaf and Hard of Hearing (DHH) as a dominant working field in terms of realizing greater social justice for the people. The principles of our actions are: 1) to identify social inequities due to the individual characteristics and short of the social infrastructure to support the differences, and possible measures to tackle them, and 2) to take physical actions to engage communities and individuals to further conceptualize the identified concerns, and pragmatize countermeasures and actions for improvement or positive sustainment. Our proactive strategic plans both challenge and respect the socio-historical, economic, political, institutional, cultural and ecological trajectories of human societies.

To advocate equity in education for DHH communities
To advance public understanding to multiculturalism situated amongst DHH global communities
To promote public understanding of humanistic philosophy of education (namely, but not limited to, environmental and imaginative education) and disabilities
To bridge scholarly resources nationally and internationally

Core activities:
Presenting our scholarly work at academic conferences
Publishing our scholarly articles at academic journals
CADHHEP Online Journal
CADHHEP Educational (Online Magazine)
CADHHEP Annual Forum
Provision/facilitation of workshops/guest-speaking/volunteering activities to local institutes, communities, events
Community volunteer work
E-news letters