CADHHEP is a non-for-profit scholarly association founded and led by graduate students of Simon Fraser University (SFU), British Columbia, Canada.

Name: The Canadian Association for Deaf and Hard of Hearing, Education, and Plurilingualism (CADHHEP)
8888 University Drive Burnaby BC V5A 1S6 Canada
c/o Michael Bergenheim, Graduate Student, Faculty of Education, SFU


5 May 2014

President Koichi Haseyama (SFU), Co-founder
Vice President Jade Ho (SFU), Co-founder
Chair of the Committee Michael Bergenheim (SFU), Co-founder
Vice Chair of the Committee Carolina Lopez (SFU), Co-founder

External Affiliations:
Green Hill International School (Tokyo, Japan)
The Organization for Language Education and Development (OLED) (Tokyo, Japan)
GP Educational Inc. (Vancouver, BC)

Green Hills Co., Ltd.
GPC Ltd.